You asked We listened! “Can you please show us some collections of Vegan SPF for Face, Lips, Kids, Body, Waterproof that are ALL Vegan, Cruelty Free and minus the coral and marine damaging chemicals?” Of course we can and here they are. More to follow! We hope you like our images too – no over-skinny white women in bikinis like some sunscreen ads we’ve all seen, instead we just have people outside in the sun (and er we hope you like the chicken too…you’re Vegan of course you love chickens!). And just so you know…we have some Affiliate Links in place so we may earn a small commission if you buy products after following links in our Vegan SPF for Summer 2021 collections. Enjoy the Sun! Deb x

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Easy to use Vegan Sunscreen Checker tells you if your SPF is Vegan and more…

Learn about Ultra Violet Filters, nano particles, mineral-based SPF, plastic free packaging

Includes Vegan Society Approved SPF!

Includes Cruelty Free International “Leaping Bunny” Approved SPF!

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